Sean Wiggins

Web Design

Our design for singer/songwriter Sean Wiggins includes:

Client Control Panel

Password-secured administrative pages allow Sean to easily modify website News, Tour, and Video pages. No need to contact us to make changes!

Music Player

An integrated music player allows visitors to listen to Sean's music.

FC Financial

Web Design

An elegant design for FC Financial, Inc.

Mobile Friendly

As with all of our websites, FCFinancialInc.com is mobile-friendly and adjusts the layout to cater to cell phones, tablets, and other devices.

Gay Walley

Web Design

New York novelist and script-writer Gay Walley.

Captcha Verification

Visitors are required to enter "captcha" text when filling out the website contact form. Spam form submission by "robots" is greatly reduced.

Volt Audio Licensing

Web Application

A cloud solution managing the licensing tracks from a library of songs and sound effects to video creators for use in their projects.


Over 27,000 songs and sound effects with their associated artists and license purchases.


An integrated shopping cart handles purchases and subscription billing.


Users find tracks by genre, tempo, mood, and other criteria.

User Management

User accounts employ encrypted identity/password management.

Project Klock

Application / Web Solution

A time management system with integrated project management and payroll tracking.


An extensive, customizable reporting module.


Customizable payroll for salaried and hourly employees.


A biometric/fingerprint option is available for time verification.

Learn More

Could ProjectKlock work for you? Contact us for a free demo.

Kue Sheet

Web Application

A solution for video music editors.

Generates music cue sheets from an imported editing session.